It’s time to shift gear from tactical to strategic

After over a year of mostly tactical and reactive marketing and communications, you think you now know how the ground has shifted, how attitudes have changed, the degree to which expectations have grown as a result of Covid-19. So how do you navigate the post Covid-19 world and ensure your strategy is fit to win?

It’s time for a Perception Audit. Only then can you have clear sight on how your company is perceived right now, what new expectations are held among your customers and other stakeholders and only then, with that knowledge, can you refine your strategy to ensure you succeed.

Since our inception we’ve been supporting companies with corporate brand and reputation audits leading to clear, evidence based insights to inform corporate, communications, PA and marketing strategies.

Sometimes it’s purpose that needs to be revisited; other times its more clarity on brand proposition or positioning. Many times it’s simply a sharper more relevant marketing & communications strategy. Often, you won’t know what’s needed until you’ve gone through the process of doing the research and have a clearer picture.

That’s what we’re here for. We’re a research-based strategic consultancy – professional, respected, proven brand and reputation experts that specialise in developing insight from proper research.

Get in touch and let us help you emerge from this period with a winning strategy that will build, protect and sustain corporate brand and reputation, driving value to your business.