Research and Insight

Analysis of existing research sources through the lens of the Binnie Fox model provides a holistic viewpoint of how an organisation is perceived and the relative strength of its brand and reputation.

Primary research conducted using the Binnie Fox model as a framework for both in-depth, qualitative research with stakeholders and quantitative research with larger groups such as customers, employees and the general public.

Does your current research give you a clear picture of what matters most to customers and stakeholders in order from them to give you their support?

Most organisations have various research programmes going on across different functions and focussed on different initiatives. Often the research can be narrow in focus seeking to answer a specific question or test hypotheses. The first stage in most engagements is to run a research audit. Look at all existing research, both internal and (related) external to the organisation through a corporate brand and reputation lens. What does the research tells us about the reputation landscape the company faces? What does it tell us about the strength of the corporate brand? Where are there gaps in existing knowledge?

The output of an audit is two-fold: first to provide an holistic view of what we know and reveal where there are gaps in existing knowledge. Often, cross analysing existing research in this way reveals new insight from existing research. The second output is a framework for future reputation research.

The senior team at TOVERA comprises experienced qualitative and quantitative researchers who have scope and deliver complex research programme across groups such as customers; key opinion leaders; government and regulatory; investors; academics. It means companies can have peace of mind that reputation research is being conducted in a way that is sensitive and professional; that the engagement itself is reputation building.

Senior consultants also take research analysis to the next level. We call it Research Plus. We take our role as advisers seriously. We provide solid recommendations that are actionable and focussed on protecting and enhancing corporate brand and reputation.