What can be understood from existing sources about the current state of a corporate reputation and the context within which it’s viewed? A Reputation Landscape brings together all existing research within a business, together with relevant external research and media coverage.
These inputs are synthesised and analysed together and viewed through the experienced lens of Tovera senior consultants. The result is a report on the current standing of a corporate reputation: strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. It also reveals where there are gaps in current knowledge and the supporting research programmes.
Results from a Reputation Landscape provide insight for reputation activities; an assessment of reputation knowledge; and can also be used to build a business case for further investment in a more in-depth Reputation Diagnostic. For many, a landscape provides a useful ‘stake in the ground’ of where we are today.


“ Tovera’s Reputation Landscape report provided excellent insight in to what existing sources were able to tell us about the state of our corporate reputation. Importantly, it also revealed where there were gaps in our knowledge. The results gave us immediate insight for our communications strategy and also reshaped our supporting research programme to be more focused and efficient”
Communications Director, Global Big Pharma Co.