Corporate brand and reputation measurement systems that provide businesses with a ROI measure of activities and an predictive system of potential opportunities and risks.

There are now any number of methodologies that claim to be the best for measuring and understanding a company’s reputation or brand. Each claiming to be the best but pretty much all of them treating the two elements of brand and reputation as separate entities.

Research shows that separately both a strong brand and a strong reputation can be drivers of business success. This, coupled with the experience of our founders tells us that brand and reputation must therefore be considered together. We know that a strong brand can influence reputation and vice versa.

TOVERA works with organisations to build bespoke measurement systems where we consider the influence of both brand and reputation on the desire of stakeholders to support the company. We will start from scratch or work with any established methodology the organisation has in place, whatever it takes to ensure systems are tailored to deliver the results an organisation needs.

Our experienced analysts and consultants develop systems to track and monitor reputation and reveal its impact on key business success factors such as revenue’ sales; market share; contracts awarded; crises averted amongst others.

This involves developing a system that brings together – and makes sense of – existing related metrics that may exist, and completing the picture to track both brand and reputation across the key audiences that are critical to the success of the organisation.

This approach ensures the most cost-effective, fit for purpose measurement systems that are built to enable managers to take action to protect and improve corporate brand and reputation.