A Brand and Reputation Diagnostic is an in-depth analysis of a corporate reputation that considers the views and expectations of all stakeholders of an organisation. It starts with looking at existing insight, usually in the form of a Reputation Landscape, and then follows with in-depth interviews across a mix of critical stakeholders. A synthesis of these inputs, together with an in-depth analysis by our senior consultants, reveals the specific activities an organisation must focus on in order to build a strong reputation and gain the support of stakeholders.
Results of a Brand and Reputation Diagnostic can inform many areas, including corporate brand strategy; corporate communications and public affairs strategies; reputation risk management; stakeholder engagement.


“ The Brand and Reputation Diagnostic led by Tovera gave our exec’ team robust
reputation insight that allowed us to confidently make informed decisions on how
to engage with critical stakeholders. The findings also went on to shape both our
new corporate brand proposition and our corporate communications strategy”
Chief Marketing Officer, Global Food Tech Company.