The strategic decisions a company makes usually require a trade-off of some sort and will certainly have an impact on the reputation of the company – be that with a small group of stakeholders or with a bigger group such as customers or the general public.
Major decisions such as where a company is domiciled; how it sources its raw materials; if it should outsource key functions; where its products are manufactured… the list goes on. All of these decisions affect how people view a company. The question is, do the cost benefits outweigh the possible effects on the corporate reputation?
Tovera has put together a Board of Experts – leading specialists in corporate communications, public affairs, governance, business strategy, risk, brand and reputation strategy. Tovera’s Board of Experts provide safe, confidential counsel to senior executives on key
reputational decisions.


“ As the CEO of a fast-growing company with a young board, I have benefited greatly from being able to get an informed, external viewpoint on some of the key decisions I’ve been faced with during our accelerated growth plan. The experts at Tovera have provided invaluable counsel that has no doubt ensured the right decisions have been made at key inflection points in our growth.”
CEO, Pharmaceutical Devices Company.